Escalator Handrail Sanitizer

Focus: Are escalators - essential facilities to modern society for the convenience of public facilities- safe?

Recognition: It is recognized that escalator handrails are now exposed to bacteria and virus.

Necessity: As many people use an escalator every day, it is necessary to interrupt the spread of various bacteria through handrails.

Development: As iIt is urgent to protect people from infection due to bacteria spread, we have strived to solve the problem.

Handrails of escalators and moving walks currently used by many passengers cause big hygienic problems due to pathogenic bacteria and virus. In the meantime, as some people do not hold unhygienic handrails, that becomes a safety threatening factor.

"Change of recognition is urgent"

Maintain existing facilities as they are No injury to passengers Continuous sterilization Improvement of hygienic environment"

Do you still hold any handrail?"

escalator handrail sanitizer

Sterilization device and its purpose