Moving Walk Handrail, Escalator UV Sterilizer

moving walk handrail

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We, Ideacity co., are specialized in production and development of the UV Sterilizer for the handrail of the escalators and moving walks which is one of most germiest places of the mall, hotel, metro, airport and department stores. If you care about your customer's health & hygiene then kindly consider our non-powered UV sterilizer, Clear Win product.
We promise to grow into the world's best partner in this hygienic field.

The Development history of Clear Win product.
2007.11 Self-powered UV disinfection handrails and advertising device patent
2011.07 Started Product Commercialization
2014.09 clear win trademark registration
2015.03 Utility models, defensive patents building
2015.05 clear win 9th design structure and design finalized
2015.06 Started mass production
2015.06 Hyundae department store supplied
2015.07 Seoul Metro trial installment (Kyeongbokgung station)
2015.11 Lotte Hotel contract
2016.01 Lotte Hotel Installation
2016.02 Hansomang Church Installation
2016.03 Lotte Shopping Contract
2016.04 Canton Fair Participation
2016.04 Turkey Eurasia Lift Fair Participation
2016.05 Thailand Build Participation
2016.05 Turkey Build Participation
2016.05 China WEE Participation
2016.05 London Liftex Participation
2016.05 Samsung R&D Center Installation
2016.06 Export Contract : Saudi, UAE, Turkey, Romania, Iran, Spain
2016.07 Indonesia Lift Fair Participation
2016.09 Gangnam Severace Hospital Installation
2016.10 Poland International Lift Fair Participation
2016.10 E-mart Installation Contract
2016.11 Cuba FIHAV Havana International Fair Participation
2016.11 Dubai Big5 Exhibition Participation
2016.12 Seoul City Hall & Sungnam City Hall Installation
2016.12 Hyundai Department Store Installation
2017.04 Bi-directional motor & LED Lamp development
2017.06 Taoyuan International Airport Installation
2017.09 SRT(Korea Express Train) Installation
2017.09 LG Buildings Installation
2017.09 2017 NAEC Annual Convention & Exposition in USA Participation
2017.10 Interlift 2017 in Germany Participation